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Natural dietary means of treating Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) should always be investigated as an alternative to prescription drugs says efamol, leading researcher into essential fatty acid supplements. In the wake of recent Also, have gas appliances checked every year by a CORGIregistered fitter. A mere 30 per cent of us eat the Government recommended intake of fish, says a recent survey for efamol, an omega 3 and 6 supplement. According to the Food Standards Agency we should With 65 per cent of the population falling short of the Government’s recommended daily intake it is important to supplement diets to address this deficiency, especially during pregnancy. Peter Clough, Technical Director at efamol Ltd explains Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). There is some conflicting evidence about the use of a product (Efamol Marine) that combines fish oil and evening primrose oil to reduce the symptoms CFS. Chronic kidney disease. Preliminary evidence shows that fish oil might A former professor at a Canadian university, Dr Horrobin established Scotia's predecessor, Efamol, with his wife, Sherri Clarkson, in 1979. It initially concentrated on natural products - Dr Horrobin had identified evening primrose oil as a potentially Alex was over here to speak at Massey University's Institute of Food, Nutrition and Human Health symposium, looking at the findings of two of the university's clinical trials supported by nutritional oils company, Efamol. They showed that taking DHA-rich .

This research letter was published May 3 in JAMA. The research was funded by the National Health and Medical Research Council, and the treatment and control capsules were donated by the company Efamol. One author has served on advisory boards at Nestle The pills used in the new study contained 800 milligrams of DHA and 100 milligrams of EPA, and were provided by Efamol, a company making dietary supplements. While the results were largely negative, the researchers did find that women taking fish oil cut Prostaglandins have a modulating effect on neurotransmitters. Evening Primrose Oil (E.P.O., Efamol) may improve depressed mood by facilitating the production of prostaglandins. I have described a depressed, child abusing mother who was possibly getting .

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