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Art Detroit Now collaborated with Midtown Detroit the lighting for architectural projects nationally and locally with the Ypsilanti-based firm illuminart. (You may recognize White's older work in the stunning Light Tunnel in the McNamara Terminal Recently, Green and several of his classmates in the graphic communications program at Drage put their artistic skills to the test and walked away from Battle of Brush – an illuminart competition for high school students – with the coveted people’s A team of artists, headed up by Cindi Drennan from illuminart, are planning a series of displays in the lead-up to the 2013 Port Festival. New Light Industrial will feature at least six projects between now and October 2013, such as digital graffiti From 10am GOTYE’S HEART: Gotye’s Fractured Heart at the National Film and Sound Archive is an interactive sound and light sculpture designed and built by illuminart in collaboration with multi-ARIA Award winning musician Gotye. It allows you to CrossFit Family Fitness Fest is 1-4:30 p.m. at 2124 Franklin Road, Bloomfield Hills. All proceeds go to The Jordan Levin Childhood Obesity Foundation and IlluminArt Productions. For information, visit Nourishing Hope Breakfast Illuminart’s If there was a colour darker than black (Bathurst, June 2-7) will include a month-long youth focussed residency to develop new material for the site-specific performance. OCT offers an entire program of 12 shows for families and schools .

Presenter Stefan Graf, principal at the Ypsilanti lighting contractor Illuminart, said advanced lighting not only saves energy but can dramatically improve the “visual comfort” of interior spaces, boosting productivity and worker and visitor satisfaction. This tale about intolerance and redemption is a collaborated effort between Jiggy Jada, Executive Producers Maurice Wilson and Jacquelyn Wilson, Director/Producer Gerald Barclay, and Co-Producer Arlene Sorkin of IlluminArt Productions – a non-profit Owens and Arrington will be featured in a student workbook and were given special Peace Illuminart Art Lamps that they will pass on to next year's recipients. Marybeth Zuhlke, Peace Education team member, gave Owens the news about the award. "This award He worked with avant-garde art collective Illuminart to create the work, which is now on extended loan to the archive. It was first presented as the backdrop to his live performance of the song with Kimbra, his collaborator on the track, at the 2011 ARIA .

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illuminart Black Lotus Flower Meaning | 400 x 300 · 22 kB · jpeg
illuminart Black Lotus Flower Meaning | File Size: 400 x 300 · 22 kB · jpeg Download

illuminart Posted by BriGt at 7:33 PM 9comments | 320 x 480 · 62 kB · jpeg
illuminart Posted by BriGt at 7:33 PM 9comments | File Size: 320 x 480 · 62 kB · jpeg Download

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illuminart TITLE_IMG4 | File Size: IMG_SIZE4 Download

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illuminart TITLE_IMG5 | File Size: IMG_SIZE5 Download

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illuminart TITLE_IMG8 | File Size: IMG_SIZE8 Download

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illuminart TITLE_IMG10 | File Size: IMG_SIZE10 Download

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