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Well, for the cute needs in you here are three seriously adorable green goodies. giimmo Rabbit Nightlight or the giimmo Frog Nightlight Рadorable little rechargeable LED nightlights with an internal LED light that gradually fades through the entire As Apartment Therapy's Managing Editor, Carrie covers design and modern homelife with children. A lapsed librarian, she lives in Brooklyn with her husband and two kids and is in contention to break the record for most hours spent at the playground. Want to get something different for your kids instead of the humdrum items from Ikea? Perhaps you could do well to consider the Giimm̦ Night Light that comes with a kaleidoscopic effect, ensuring your child goes to bed without any fear of monsters Your new baby is on the way, and suddenly your spare bedroom is overflowing with all the essential gear you've been told by everyone you need: car seat, stroller, crib, Boppy. Now it's time to crank up the geek factor a bit. Some gadgets and apps will Connect2mums Magazine Summer 2011. Featuring new season summer style for babies, children and mums including a special maternity feautre. Articles on travel, sunsafety and preparing your child for their first day. Also includes our Summer reading and tech .

  • giimmo Jungle THEME..Wall stickers and Decals!! 379 x 349 · 24 kB · jpeg
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  • giimmo TITLE_IMG3 IMG_RES3
  • giimmo TITLE_IMG4 IMG_RES4
  • giimmo TITLE_IMG5 IMG_RES5
  • giimmo TITLE_IMG6 IMG_RES6
  • giimmo TITLE_IMG7 IMG_RES7
  • giimmo TITLE_IMG8 IMG_RES8
  • giimmo TITLE_IMG9 IMG_RES9
  • giimmo TITLE_IMG10 IMG_RES10

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giimmo Jungle THEME..Wall stickers and Decals!! | 379 x 349 · 24 kB · jpeg
giimmo Jungle THEME..Wall stickers and Decals!! | File Size: 379 x 349 · 24 kB · jpeg Download

giimmo TITLE_IMG2 | IMG_RES2
giimmo TITLE_IMG2 | File Size: IMG_SIZE2 Download

giimmo TITLE_IMG3 | IMG_RES3
giimmo TITLE_IMG3 | File Size: IMG_SIZE3 Download

giimmo TITLE_IMG4 | IMG_RES4
giimmo TITLE_IMG4 | File Size: IMG_SIZE4 Download

giimmo TITLE_IMG5 | IMG_RES5
giimmo TITLE_IMG5 | File Size: IMG_SIZE5 Download

giimmo TITLE_IMG6 | IMG_RES6
giimmo TITLE_IMG6 | File Size: IMG_SIZE6 Download

giimmo TITLE_IMG7 | IMG_RES7
giimmo TITLE_IMG7 | File Size: IMG_SIZE7 Download

giimmo TITLE_IMG8 | IMG_RES8
giimmo TITLE_IMG8 | File Size: IMG_SIZE8 Download

giimmo TITLE_IMG9 | IMG_RES9
giimmo TITLE_IMG9 | File Size: IMG_SIZE9 Download

giimmo TITLE_IMG10 | IMG_RES10
giimmo TITLE_IMG10 | File Size: IMG_SIZE10 Download

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