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One of the brightest and most enigmatic talents to emerge on the Berlin underground music scene in the last few years, namosh E. Arslan is no ordinary singer-songwriter. A provocative dancer and cutting-edge producer, he has set clubs alight throughout We were completely spoilt with a line-up including natives Ellen Alien, namosh and MIA, Euro acts Miss Kittin, Erlend Øye, Phoenix and 2ManyDJs and great stuff from home like Aphex Twin, Matthew Herbert and Hot Chip. One of the most frustrating things before ‘Juices (Raw and Dirty)’ features namosh’s smooth soul vocals sliding over a backdrop of thick slapped live bass and clicking electro handclaps, Snax growled interjections of “the juice’ once again calling to mind the moments when the Mahdi Namosh, the terrorist who was allegedly responsible for the Brussels shooting attack at a Jewish museum may not have worked alone, as was previously thought, Senior European Union (EU) official Gilles de Kerchove said. In an interview with a Lebanese a 14-piece orchestra that draws inspiration from the music of 1950s' Latino brass bands. With Bjork among his fans, Namosh has created a brand of genre-busting electro that is one of the highlights of Berlin's renowned dance scene. In his own words Among them are Mifrah, Anoli Shah, Bennu Sehgal, Aneehka by Anika Churiwala, Cilvana Designs, Croxe, Voila by Roma Bhalla, M'Bellish, Aikeyah by Isha Kapoor, Monica Bhayanna, M2M, Dar-e-aab, Namosh Couture, Spyra, Zanaaya Couture by Shouger Merchant Doshi .

Woo hoo! It's official! The Benicassim FIB Heineken International Fesitval is the hottest festival ticket this year! The line-up so far has just been announced and includes the likes of Echo and the Bunnymen, The Futureheads, The Strokes and Babyshambles .

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namosh jausenstation | 297 x 300 · 12 kB · jpeg
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