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Just whip out your new nitelite ball, snap in a lightstick (a tiny version of the ubiquitous novelty item) and hit away. The glow, diffused through the translucent plastic shell, makes the ball visible from more than 100 yards, and, barring a shot into a The visits are part of Operation nitelite, a program created to reduce recidivism and gun violence by getting probation officers out into the neighborhoods. A lot of these probationers are gang members. There are curfews, and often electronic monitoring Following on from the success of Mod1NIte nitelite Promotions have secured XSLF's services to perform at the Starlite Rooms on Friday August 16th for the maiden Punk1Nite. The support band is punk cover local band Walter and the Softees, which will The Impractical Jokers are lifelong friends Q Chicago St. For more information, go to on display. Some items, however, grab you. There was the ''Nitelite Golfball'' by Pick Point Sports Co., Mirror Lake, N.H. A ''Cyalume'' stick that inserts into the ball's center makes it glow in the dark. The company is organizing the National Nitelite In 1994, he co-founded NiteLite Productions, a boutique advertising agency working with corporate and entertainment clients including the Walt Disney Company, Bozell, JSM+ Communications, Dentsu Advertising, ABC Entertainment, Canon, Fox and DreamWorks. .

There are 25 million golfers; some should be selling for me, thought Corky Newcomb, cofounder of Pick Point Sports, in Mirror Lake, N.H. That was in 1989, a few years after his now $10-million company introduced its Nitelite golf ball, the latest of its In today’s print edition, the Nashville Business Journal profiles executives' first jobs and their and a friend went to Nags Head Beach and discovered Nitelite Footballs — whiffle footballs lit from inside. Thinking "it was the coolest thing Nitelite Egg Hunt, a non-denominational event, allows revelers to experience the thrill of the chase without actually having to be saddled with a bunch of incredible, edible eggs. Participants between the ages of 7 and 12 will search for plastic eggs BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- Ben Folds will perform at Indiana University Auditorium Sunday, Sept. 27, at 8 p.m. The show is presented by IU Auditorium and NiteLite Promotions. Tickets are $27 for Indiana University students and $37 for the general public and go .

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nitelite Black Walnut | 400 x 300 · 52 kB · jpeg
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